Our turbines are designed to obtain the maximum performance for each hydroelectric use

We manufacture turbines with a power of up to 50 MW, in double and
simple regulation, direct coupling to the alternator or by means of a multiplier. Depending on the drop available, we design them with 4, 5,
6 y 8 blades or blades.


Maximum performance of our turbines


power up to 50 MW

KAPLAN turbines

Kaplan Vertical
Kaplan Horizontal
Kaplan type "Z"
Kaplan tipo “S”
Kaplan in siphon
Kaplan inclined axis
Kaplan Bulbo

FRANCIS turbines

Francis Vertical
Francis Horizontal
Francis Open Chamber
Francis Double
Francis High Drop
Francis Half Drop
Francis Low Drop

PELTON turbines

Depending on the fall and flow, they are designed
the impellers and the specific geometry:
horizontal pelton 1, 2 o 3 injectors
vertical pellet of 3, 4, 5 o 6 injectors


jump (m): of 2 until 30
Caudal (m3/s): of 5 until 150
Power: of 50 kW up to 50.000 kW


jump (m): of 5 until 350
Caudal (m3/s): of 2,0 until 50
Power: of 50 kW up to 50.000 kW

PELTON ranges

jump (m): of 80 until 1.000
Caudal (m3/s): of 0,15 until 10
Power: of 50 kW up to 50.000 kW