trajectory consolidated

always on point

Comprehensive turnkey service for our customers

own manufacturing

We manufacture each and every one of the pieces

advanced design

Use of the latest computer technology

From our beginnings, At Iginsa-CMC Suria we have been linked to the hydraulic electricity generation sector, growing and evolving to become one of the reference companies in the manufacture and assembly of hydraulic equipment.

In Iginsa we design, we build and commission hydroelectric power plants with no specific power limit.

We offer a comprehensive "turnkey" service to our customers with added value: we manufacture each and every one of the pieces, turbine parts and assemblies, valves and gates that we install.

Nowadays, and after 40 years of experience in the sector, We have an industrial facility of 10.000 m2 in Sant Fruitós del Bages (Barcelona, ​​Spain). We have our own workshops for the manufacture of
all our products, in addition to a technical engineering department,
in which we develop all our projects, and a commercial department specialized in the sector.

We are committed to continuous improvement by incorporating the latest design tools in the sector to our technical department.

Our team of engineers designs all the equipment using the latest computer technology: finite element simulation (FEM), fluid dynamic analysis (CFD) and computer design (CAD).


Delegation in Asia

In order to support ongoing contracts in Turkey, Iginsa has a production unit established in Ankara, with the productive and industrial philosophy of the parent company and with the aim of continuing with the commercial development of the different projects, carrying out a personalized follow-up
each one of them.

Delegation in Latin America

Our acquired experience and the satisfaction of our clients in Latin America has led us to create a delegation in Lima (Peru). From Iginsa we want to collaborate
in the growth and development of the sector, offering our products and services and maintaining in this territory the same quality standards already defined in Europe.