rehabilitation and maintenance

We are professionals

We have a team highly qualified and specialized in the sector

We work on the rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plants, designing and building
new parts or equipment that have been damaged by use.

Our goal is that they integrate perfectly into the system as a whole, thus achieving an improvement in the performance and production capacity of the installation.

We improve performance

Improved performance and capacity of production of its facilities of our clients

We are able to offer the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers

Technical office.
Design, evaluation and diagnosis.

rehabilitation, repowering of
turbines and generators.

rehabilitation / modernization of

Rehabilitation / modernization
of butterfly valves, Ball, Hollow Jet, annular.

Repair or replacement of
oil-hydraulic regulation equipment.

Own equipment for assembly / disassembly in plants for
any electromechanical or hydromechanical equipment.

Comprehensive management of projects with own means: engineering, workshops and assembly staff.